What We Do.

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Chef Tehra Thorp started The Hudson Larder when she recieved a call from her weekender friends who were running late due to traffic, "Could you do us a huge favor and grab some milk and coffee for us to have in the morning?"  This became a regular favor as the farms and markets in upstate close early.  17 years and counting in the hospitality industry has given her a lot of experience caring for people and their property. 

Imagine your refrigerator with fresh juice, raw milk, cream, butter, cheese, bacon, and fresh eggs from the local farmshops.  The pantry stocked with pasta, hot chocolate from Talbott & Arding, local maple syrup, Tehra's special blend of pancake batter, artisanal grains, and more.  

Fill the fruit bowls with plums and peaches from Montgomery Orchards, watermelons from Farmer James and apples in the fall. Pork from Little Ghent Farm and lamb from Kinderhook are a few of the gifts the Hudson Valley has to offer.

The chef will also prepare dishes, leaving you time to relax on the weekends.  There will be picnics in the summer and cozy lasagna in the winter.  Chicken and dumplings when the flu seasons starts and ceviche made from the morning catch off the coast of Long Island.  Spiced cider for the kids, spiked cider for the adults.  Let us feed you the best that The Hudson Valley has to offer; it's one of the many reasons you've come here in the first place.